Robert Svane, more commonly known as Bobo Del Rey, was the leader of the Revenants and the lover of Willa Earp. He was killed by Wynonna Earp, which he envisioned as mercy from heavy torture by the Black Badge administration.

Biography Edit

Bobo Del Rey is a criminal killed by Wyatt Earp that was resurrected as a Revenant as part of the Earp curse.

Throughout Season 1, Bobo tries to break the Earp curse and set the Revenants free upon the rest of the world.

He has telekinetic abilities and can touch Peacemaker for an extended period of time before it starts to burn him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bobo is of tall stature and has black hair styled with an undercut. Both of his eyebrows and beard feature patches of white hair. Bobo has blue eyes and commonly wears a large fur coat and jeans paired with a T-shirt and boots. His Revenant mark covers a large portion of his back.


Season 1Edit

 Media Edit

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