Robert Svane, more commonly known as Bobo Del Rey, was the leader of the Revenants and the lover of Willa Earp. He was killed by Wynonna Earp, which he envisioned as mercy from heavy torture by the Black Badge Division. Later he is resurrected by the brief death of Wynonna.

Biography Edit

Robert Svane was a close friend of Wyatt Earp. Svane was fatally wounded by Peacemaker in a duel between Wyatt Earp and the demon Clootie. During the duel, Clootie had seized Svane to use as a human shield. Svane told Earp to take the shot; Earp did, killing both Svane and Clootie with the same bullet.

Svane was an innocent who sacrificed his life to stop Clootie's demonic reign over Purgatory. However, the Earp Curse, cast by Clootie, nonetheless damned Svane to go to hell and resurrect as a revenant.

When Svane returned to Purgatory in his demonic form, he took the name Bobo del Rey. Throughout Season 1, Bobo tries to break the Earp curse and set the revenants free upon the rest of the world.

He has the ability to control metal and can hold Peacemaker for an extended period of time when it is burning him.

Relationships Edit

Willa EarpEdit

Relationship: Lover; Deceased
Bobo saved Willa from The Seven and other revenants at the time of Ward Earp's death. They eventually fell in love over the 16 years they spent together. Their relationship came to an end when Constance Clootie freed Willa and wiped her memories. Wynonna eventually brings Willa back to Purgatory and she later gets her memories back (including those of Bobo). They restart their plan of crossing the Ghost River Triangle together to free the revenants and be together. Wynonna ends up shooting both of them with Peacemaker, effectively ending their relationship.

Waverly EarpEdit

Relationship: His "Angel"

Constance ClootieEdit

Relationship: Frenemy; Deceased
When Robert was still human, he teamed up with Constance and Juan Carlo to seal away Bulshar Clootie. Robert was accidentally shot by his friend Wyatt Earp, causing him to become a revenant. Hurt by the betrayal, Robert reluctantly made a deal that if he collected the bones of Clootie's sons, she would help break the curse by giving the lead to him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bobo is of tall stature and has black hair styled with an undercut. Both of his eyebrows and beard feature patches of white hair. Bobo has blue eyes and commonly wears a large fur coat and jeans paired with a T-shirt and boots. His Revenant mark covers a large portion of his back.


Trivia Edit

  • Bobo revealed in The Blade, that he has friends in Maldito (the town that Black Badge bombed prior to the pilot episode).
  • Starting in Season 2, Bobo mentions that Bulshire changed him. It seems he can now only move metal as he was unable to summon Jeremy's plastic gun nor move a wooden cover Doc put over the well.

 Media Edit

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