The Earp Curse makes all people that Wyatt Earp had killed in his lifetime resurrect over and over again. Those Revenants can only be killed by the Peacemaker which only the current heir can use.

The Heir Edit

The Heir is always the oldest family member alive, activated on their 27th birthday. The Heir is said to be the only one who can actually fire the Peacemaker. When an Heir dies, all Revenants killed by the former heir will resurrect again.

Ghost River Triangle Edit

The cursed area of land, partially framed by the splitting of the Ghost River into two, that imprisons the resurrected outlaws killed by Wyatt Earp. Should a Revenant cross the boundary-the line-they experience Hell on Earth.

Clootie Demon Edit

A demon killed by Wyatt Earp and the reason why the curse was invoked.

Stone Witch Edit

The Stone Witch has detailed knowledge about the curse and the Ghost River Triangle. She knows spells to get around the curse.

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