Gus McCready is a recurring character in Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

Gus is the aunt of Willa, Wynonna and Waverly Earp. She's the widow of Curtis.

Season 1 Edit


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Keep the Home Fires Burning Edit

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The Blade Edit

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Bury Me with my Guns On

She Wouldn't Be Gone Edit

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Landslide Edit

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Season 2Edit

I Hope You DanceEdit

Waverly mentions "Aunt Gus is waiting" for Wynonna's baby.

Physical Appearance Edit

Gus is an older woman with short, wavy, brown hair and deep lines around her mouth. She is a short woman with a small build and is seen wearing modern western clothing.


Media Edit


  • In the episode Gone as a Girl Can Get, Waverly was raised by someone named Gus Gibson. While talking to Nicole at the station, she mentioned that Gus "...sort of borrowed the name." It's unknown where the name would have come from, as in the alternate reality, Gus and Curtis are married, according to a news article Waverly finds. It is likely possible, that Gus' maiden name is actually Gibson.
  • Both Gus and Curtis are deceased in the alternate reality.
  • Is raising her Grand-niece, Alice Michelle Earp.