Jim Miller is a Revenant in Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

Jim Miller, known as "Killer Miller" and as the "Shadow Assassin" was a forhire killer in the late 1800's. His first kills were his grandparents and his brother-in-law for unknown reasons. He got his nickname by "moving like a shadow". It's speculated by Doc Holliday and Levi it was Miller who killed Jesse James, not Robert Ford. At some point, Miller was arrest and killed by Wyatt Earp.

Miller was later resurrected by The Earp Curse and became a member of The Seven. He aided in the murder of Josiah Earp as well as the attack on the Homestead in 2000.


As a member of The Seven, Miller was one of the most dangerous revenants, even terrifying his fellows. Miller had the ability to move through shadows and absorb light as well as energy sources that produce light, allowing him to extinguish fires and drain batteries. Like some revenants, he had a certain degree of telekinesis, at least in his “den” as he was able to close doors without touching them and was able to partially drag Henry into his cavern by the hand the immortal had cut to “activate” him. Miller required an object of his intended target to be assigned a victim, indicating he possessed some manner of tracking ability (he was able to tell the notebook had belonged to Waverly rather than Wynonna). He also wears an old school bullet-proof vest made of metal.

Season 1Edit

Miller is only seen in the episode Keep the Home Fires Burning. A security guard wanders in the warehouse he dwells in and accidentally cuts himself. Miller accepts the guard's blood as payment, but when he wont name a target, Miller kills the guard instead. Later in the episode, Bobo Del Rey gets the idea to use Miller to kill Wynonna Earp so that he can steal Peacemaker. He enlists Doc Holliday's help since he needs the blood of a mortal as payment for Miller. Doc didn't know he needed something of the target to give to Miller, so he gives him the only thing of the Earps he has, Waverly Earp's revenant journal. Miller attacks the Earp sisters at the Earp Homestead that night. With the help of Xavier Dolls, the girls are able to send Miller back to hell and remove the talisman that allowed revenants on their land.

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