"There are men, Wynonna, mean as a rattlesnake, cornered at dusk. And there are demons, sweet as clover honey. And then there's him. I told you he was real. I never stopped believing. But he will rise. And when he does, you'll believe it, too."
―  Michelle talking to Wynonna about Bulshar

Michelle Earp is the widow of Ward Earp and the mother of Wynonna, Willa and Waverly Earp.

She has been mentioned several times throughout the show.

Biography Edit

Willa mentions that Ward, her husband, would abuse her. When this happened she would take the girls to Swan Reservoir.

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Trivia Edit

  • She has been assumed by characters and fans alike that she was still alive, as she walked out on her children when they were young, never to return. In I Hope You Dance, we find out that she is indeed alive.
  • In the episode Purgatory, her name is listed as Wendy Rossie on the family tree Waverly has made. However, in I Hope You Dance, Wynonna mentions her mother's name is Michelle. Emily Andras has explained on a twitter post, that the name Wendy Rossie was written by the Art Department, so as to fill a void on the wall. It should not be thought of as canon.
  • Her Granddaughter, Alice Michelle is named after her, along with Alice's other Grandmother (Doc's mother), Alice Holliday.
  • The character of Michelle was named after Creator, Showrunner and Executive Producer Emily Andras' best friends, both named Michelle. One of them, Michelle Lovretta is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Showrunner of the TV show, Killjoys, as well as the TV show Lost Girl. Emily has written for both shows.

Family Gallery Edit

  • Michelle and Wynonna (Mother and Daughter)
  • Wynonna (Daughter)
  • Waverly and Wynonna (Daughters)
  • Waverly (Daughter)
  • Willa (Daughter)
  • Ward (Husband)
  • Wynonna and Alice (Daughter and Granddaughter)