Sheriff Randy Nedley is a recurring character in Season 1 and Season 2 of Wynonna Earp. He is the Chief of Police in Purgatory.


Randy Nedley is the Purgatory Town Sheriff. He is described as "A judgemental good ol’ boy who doubts his own authority at every turn and just wants to keep the peace with the least amount of effort required until his retirement."[1]

Season 1Edit

Coming soon.

Season 2Edit

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Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Blonde hair
  • Mustached
  • Slightly plump


  • In the episode Gone as a Girl Can Get, Nedley is dead, having been killed in 2015 by Doc, who had blown up his house with Nedley inside it.
  • Has a perfect driving record.
  • Can break out of handcuffs in 9 seconds flat.


References Edit

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