Red is a recurring character in Season 1 of Wynonna Earp.


Red was a thief and pickpocket in the late 1800's. He originally died in 1883 when Wyatt Earp chased him over a cliff and he fell to his death.[1]

Red is first seen in the episode Purgatory. He is seen warning Doc Holliday about staying in the trailer park and that he isn't welcome.

In the episode Keep the Home Fires Burning, Red is at a club flirting with women when Wynonna Earp shows up. To piss her off, he bites the finger off one of the ladies he was flirting with and runs away. Wynonna shoots him, not with Peacemaker, which causes chaos at the club and allows Red to escape. Later, he is seen back at the trailer park, playing poker with other Revenants and Doc. He finally arrives as Shorty's to try and steal Peacemaker. He is able to grab the gun before Wynonna, but it burns his hand and causes him to collapse. Wynonna uses the opportunity to shoot Red with Peacemaker and send him back to hell.