Revenants are outlaws that had been killed by Wyatt Earp and are resurrected as demons by the Earp Curse. There are supposedly 77 in total. The only way to stop the curse is by shooting all the revenants in the head with Peacemaker. If the Heir dies before they are able to break the curse, the revenants are resurrected, and they come back less human than the time before.

List of Revenants Edit

icon Name Occupation Killed by Specialty
Rev Malcolm feature Malcolm Ramaker Outlaw, thief, train robber Early 1882, hanging Infrared eye sight in darkness; increased speed and agility
Rev John feature John Gun for hire, horse thief 1882, gunfight with Wyatt Earp
Rev Carl feature Carl Gun for hire, spy, messenger Early 1882, hanging
Rev Red feature Red Thief, pickpocket 1883, chased over a cliff sharp teeth
Bobo Del Rey Robert Svane (Bobo Del Rey) Accountant (pre-curse) 1880's Telekinesis
Rev Shadow Assasin feature Jim Miller ("Killer Miller") Gun for hire Suck light from their sources
Rev Levi feature Levi photographer
Rev Sam feature Samuel Larson 1882, shot
Rev Marty feature Marty Bankmanager assistant 1883 Supernatural speed
Rev Gary feature Gary Smith 1884, shot
Rev Robert Malick feature Father Robert Malick Minister 1881, shot
Rev August Hamilton feature August Hamilton Barber 1883, drowned in a lake Can move through reflective surfaces
Rev Ambrose feature Ambrose (Fish) 1884 crossfire trying to save Levi
Rev Vinnie feature Vinnie (the Vulture) 1884, shot Can expertly mimic and replicate any voice he has heard
Rev Hetty feature Hetty Tate, (Hetty Tatenhill) waittress 1883, shot mistaken for her brother cannibal
Rev Herman Tate feature Herman Tate, (Herman Tatenhill) 1883 cannibal
Rev Olive Tate feature

Olive Tate, ("Mama Olive", Olive Tatenhill)

1883 shot cannibal
Rev Jack of Knives feature Jack of Knives hot&sharp nails
Rev Whiskey Jim feature Whiskey Jim Saloon Owner 1884
Rev Peeper feature Peeper
Rev Lou feature Lou (Yiska) con-artist 1884 commands a skinwalker
Rev Cora feature Jolene (Cora's twin) 1885, New years Eve Hypnotic sexuality
Rev Jolene feature Cora (Jolene's twin) 1886, New years day Hypnotic sexuality
Rev Big Bubba feature Big Bubba 1880, shot chemistry knowledge
Earl featured Earl
Rosita featured
Rosita Bustillos Mixologist Knowlegde of biochemistry, engineering, and astrology.
Jonas featured Jonas Bartender at Pussy Willows 1880's
Stevie featured
Stevie Former worker at Shorty's