Tucker Gardner is a recurring character in Season 2 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

Tucker grew up in Purgatory with his two older sisters, Mercedes and Beth Gardner. He is known as the town creep because he does things like take up-skirt photos of unknowing girls. Because his family has money, he usually gets away with it until he got caught by Officer Haught.


Relationships Edit

Waverly EarpEdit

Relationship: Crush
Tucker has an obsessive crush on Waverly Earp. Waverly seems to be aware of it, but she does not reciprocate and even dislikes Tucker. This is because when Waverly told him about her relationship with Nicole, Tucker told her that she's confused and it's wrong. Waverly, who was under the effect of the Mictian at the time, replied with: "I'll show you wrong!" and lifted him in the air with only one hand. After faking his death to escape from the Widows, he seemingly kills Rosita Bustillos and tries to take Waverly with him, making another homophobic remark about Waverly kissing Rosita. The latter promptly wakes up and knocks him out. Tucker obsessively looks for Waverly and is promptly found by Beth, who eats him.

Nicole HaughtEdit

Relationship: Enemy
Nicole and Tucker have despised each other since they first met. When Nicole caught Tucker taking a couple of upskirts, she promptly arrested him and was furious when Nedley let him go. When Nicole needed to rescue Hypnos's daughter, who had been held hostage by Tucker, Nicole revealed that she had been tracking his phone for weeks. Dolls called it illegal, while Wynonna called it awesome. When Nicole found Tucker in the Homestead bedroom, she shot him in the shoulder, and he escaped by crashing through the window.

References Edit

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