Willa Earp was the oldest of the Earps and the older sister of Wynonna and Waverly Earp. She was killed by Wynonna with the Peacemaker.

Before her death, she was one of the two Heirs. Following her death at the hands of the sister, Wynonna Earp remained the sole Heir.


Willa Earp was born on October 07, 1987 and is the eldest daughter of Ward Earp. Being the eldest, she was originally supposed to be the Heir and was trained from childhood by her father. After her father's death and her abduction on September 7, 2000, she was presumed dead and the responsibility went to her younger sister, Wynonna Earp.[1]

Willa was originally thought to be dead, but Bobo simply told all the revenants that he killed her. In reality, he hid her away, protecting her for years. Over that time, he slowly developed feelings for her, and her for him.


Season 1Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Willa Earp & Wynonna Earp were considered pretty close to each other in the childhood, that being said by Willa "We were two peas, You and I."
  • She had a rough relationship with her younger sister Waverly who she bullied through their childhood.
  • is "Kind of a Dickhead", according to Nicole Haught on Episode 12
  • Tombstone of Ward and Willa as shown in episode 3
  • part of the family from Waverlys research

References Edit

  1. "Purgatory"

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