Witch Edit


Witches are normal human beings who has studied and trained in the art of Witchcraft and developed magical abilities.

Types of WitchesEdit

  • White Witches - White Witches are witches who practice benevolent magic and use their powers for good
  • Black/Dark Witches - Dark Witches are witches who use black, malevolent magic for evil deeds.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic(k) - Witches harness the energy of the work and manipulate reality to their will using spells and chants.


Spells are specific actions used to manipulate reality to a witches will, spells can be used for a multitude of tasks.

Known SpellsEdit

  • ZOMBIE RESURRECTION - A spell used by Constance Clootie to raise the dead as zombies to attack the Homestead and retrieve the skull of her son, Drek.
  • Incantation - TBA
  • Actions - None
  • Requirements - athame, freshly dead corpses
  • MEMORY WIPE - Constance Clootie used a unknown spell to erase the memories of Willa Earp.
  • Incantation - None
  • Actions - The caster exhales on the victims head and a cloud of teal energy appears the signify the spell is complete.
  • Requirements - None

Known WitchesEdit

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