Wynonna's Child is the unborn child of Wynonna Earp. It is unknown whether the baby is a boy or a girl as of the latest episode (Everybody Knows).

Biography Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
  • The baby's father is unknown (as of Everybody Knows) as the father could either be Doc or Revenant Jonas.
  • Waverly was the first person to find out about the pregnancy (even Wynonna didn't know!), after being possessed by Mictian. The next people who find out are (in order):
    • Wynonna, in Let's Pretend We're Strangers, after taking a pregnancy test Waverly gave her.
    • Nicole, in Whiskey Lullaby, after walking in on Wynonna touching her bump on the Homestead. She promised not to tell anyone (but muttered under her breath about feeling sorry for Wynonna's Gynaecologist).
    • Dolls, walking in on Wynonna, sitting, coat open on the floor of the station. The news still doesn't deter him from kissing her later on.
    • Doc, found out when Wynonna saves him from The Widows. She pulled back her coat to share with him the news herself, which shocked him, causing him to leave. After time had past, he handed Waverly a note to pass to Wynonna, saying he was all in with being there for Wynonna and the baby.
    • Jeremy had already figured it out and didn't even realise it was a secret (because he thought it was obvious).
    • Mercedes and Beth Gardner found out in Everybody Knows, when Wynonna and Dolls search their house for Tucker Gardner.
    • Potential baby daddy Jonas found out, when Wynonna and Nicole go to Pussy Willows to get a DNA sample from him.

Family Gallery Edit

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