Wynonna Earp is an ongoing Canadian, supernatural western television series based on a comic series by Beau Smith of the same name. The show follows Wynonna Earp, a descendant of lawman Wyatt Earp, as she tries to rid her hometown of Revenants, revivals of the criminals who were originally killed by Wyatt Earp. As per a curse on the Earp family, Revenants try to gain vengeance by killing oldest living Earp descendant. The only way to break the curse is to kill all 77 Revenants using the Peacemaker, Wyatt Earp's original gun. However, all Revenants are revived once the oldest descendant turns 27. Wynonna, who turns 27 at the beginning of the show, aims to end the curse with the help of her sister Waverly and special agent Dolls.

Season 1: 13 Episodes, premiering 1 April 2016.
Season 2: 13 Episodes, premiering 9 June 2017.

1.12 House of Memories
(17 June 2016)
1.13 I Walk the Line
(24 June 2016)
Bobo exploits a part of the Earp curse that allows him and the other revenants to leave Purgatory if the heir to Peacemaker willingly goes with them. Willa's treachery leads to her death at the hands of Dolls who is taken away by his superiors; Wynonna dispatches Bobo but has to contend with a possessed Waverly.

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Waverly Earp
Waverly Earp is the youngest Earp sister. She lost her father when she was six. Her mother walked out sometime before that. She witnessed Wynonna shooting him accidentally while trying to protect her family from The Seven and witnessed Willa's abduction

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