Xavier Dolls is a main character in Season 1 and Season 2 of Wynonna Earp.

Biography Edit

Dolls is a Black Badge Division Agent. He is assigned to investigate what is happening in Purgatory and ends up helping the Earp's contain the revenant population. He is a genetically modified human that is mixed with something along the lines of a lizard.

Season 1Edit


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Keep the Home Fires Burning Edit

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Leavin' On Your Mind Edit

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The Blade Edit

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Digging Up Bones Edit

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Constant Cravings Edit

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Walkin' After Midnight Edit

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Two-Faced Jack Edit

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Bury Me with My Guns On Edit

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She Wouldn't Be Gone Edit

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Landslide Edit

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House of Memories Edit

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I Walk the Line Edit

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Relationships Edit

Wynonna Earp

Agent Dolls likes Wynonna but isn't good with his feelings hence he doesn't tell her. They have also kissed twice.

Physical Appearance Edit

Xavier is tall, has a muscular build with short fade hair cut and a closely shaven beard..


Media Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dolls is a genetically modified human whose DNA is mixed with some kind of lizard or dragon.
  • He has been shown to possess super strength as seen when he takes down a bar(Shorty's) full of demons.
  • He served in the U.S. military where Black Badge recruited him, viewing his skills and prowess.
  • He takes his job very seriously. This is a running gag where Wynonna jokes that he is married to his job.
  • He and Doc Holliday are potential rivals for Wynonna's affections, the difference being that Dolls doesn't show his feelings as often as Doc.
  • Dolls seems to get a higher power boost from the purple drug than the blue one.
  • Dolls's idol is Bass Reeves, who was the reason he joined the U.S. Marshalls.

References Edit

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